Her Story

Be Free to Discover You so You can Become You! Throughout our lives there are many things that have caused a person to be in bondage to people and some will continue to remain in bondage not knowing they can be set free. Bondages such as: hurt, pain, disappointments, love abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, criticism, tortured, rejection, name scandalize, mis-judge, lied on, falsely accused, the feeling that you have to live up to someone else standards in order for them to accept you, It wasn’t said the way they wanted you to say it, people pleaser vs being a God pleaser, trying to make others happy and you’re not happy, you too aggressive, your beauty and appearance don’t rock their boat, and the list goes on and on. These things will hold you captive in your mind and will keep you in bondage to people. You have to be willing to forgive and let it go in order to “Be Free to Discover You so You can Become You” Then you’ll realize how much you “love you” as you experience the uniqueness of your “Gifts” that’s on the inside of you!  As you begin to discover you the weight of heaviness will begin to fall off of you. It’s really a good feeling to know you. God has a great plan for your life and it’s never too late to “Discover You’. We were all born to make manifest the Glory of God. Not a certain individual or certain people, but all. You no longer have to waste years of your life being miserable and in bondage to people when you can “Be Free to Discover You so You can Become You” I spent years of my life being in bondage to people not being free to be me. I had this burning desire to become me but the negative influences of things that was said and done to me hinder me from discovering me. I became captivated in my mind which placed me in a state of bondage to people.  I was a butterfly but couldn’t fly. I had this burning desire on the inside of me but I couldn’t be me. I wasted years dreaming about the dreams instead of moving forward to fulfill my dreams.  I continue to dream after dream after dream. Some would say it wasn’t the right time and I used to believe that, but after years had gone by I beg the difference. The reality is that I was held captive in my mind and it hindered me from discovering me so I couldn’t become me. It almost placed me in a state of depression because the weight of heaviness begin to weigh in on me. How did I get out? I discovered me from the Creator who created and designed all the uniqueness about me. Once I discovered me I became confident and bold in knowing me and the gifts the Father has given me. It helped me to stir up the gifts that was lying dormant in me so I can become me. And the same bondages that held me captive I turned around and used it to set me free! My mind was no longer captivated by the things that use to hold me instead it helped me to discover me so I can become me.  Be Free to Discover You so You can Become You! Discover You With Tamike, LLC

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